Automatic Cassette, a stunning timepiece inspired by the retro cassette tape and player.

Retro Soul in Modern Time

From the Beatles to Blackpink, musicians have long embraced the timeless allure of cassettes, despite technological advancements. As an iconic music medium that has stood the test of time, it holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts, symbolizing a bygone era of tangible music experiences and personal connections with artists and albums. By integrating elements reminiscent of the cassette player into the watch design, we aim to spark memories of music lovers' cherished moments, infusing a touch of vintage charm and sentimental value into a modern timepiece. This fusion of retro aesthetics with contemporary functionality not only celebrates the timeless appeal of cassettes but also offers a unique and stylish way for individuals to carry a piece of musical history on their wrists. 

80s Nostalgia
The TACS Cassette watch showcases intricate details that pay homage to the 80s invention. Our design team meticulously recreated distinctive features of the classic cassette player within the watch. This includes incorporating design elements such as a clear cassette deck cover and buttons for play, pause, and stop functions. Additionally, the watch boasts a crown resembling a volume control knob, replica details of line-in and line-out plugs, and a ratio line detail reminiscent of radio functionality found on some cassette players.
Intricate craftsmanship
Crafted with precision and care, the TACS Cassette watch seamlessly merges the worlds of music and watchmaking in a stylish piece. The sunray texture on the dial enhances sophistication, while the watch's movement is visible through the "clear case" details, showcasing its intricate inner workings. The back of the case sports a unique printing design, with each watch numbered for authenticity. Made in Japan with Japanese automatic movement, the TACS Cassette is crafted with industry-grade materials and technical precision. The watch's face is safeguarded by K1 glass with an anti-reflective coating, ensuring durability and visibility. Japanese Nemoto luminous material illuminates the face for easy readability in low-light conditions. The watch features an Italian leather strap and is water-resistant up to 10 ATM.
Unique Box Set
Packaged in a design reminiscent of a classic cassette tape, each box set of the TACS Cassette watch includes a complimentary real cassette tape featuring soothing bird chirping sounds. Perfect for music enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate cassette tape nostalgia, this watch brings vintage charm to your wrist. Join us in rediscovering the charm and nostalgia of cassettes that digital technology cannot replicate.
With a design that pays homage to the retro era, Chrome features an all-silver dial adorned with a contrasting cassette motif, reminiscent of music nostalgia. The standout orange second hand adds a pop of color and vibrancy to this timepiece, making it a unique and eye-catching accessory for music enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.
What sets Sunset apart is the exquisite gold accent on one of its mechanical wheels that is made visible through the transparent clear case. It features a black and gold dial adorned with a striking cassette motif, complemented by a bold red second hand.

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