Laco Augsburg Olive 42 timepieces redefine military chic

Written by HiTech Century | 6 March 2021

If you’re looking for a military inspired smartwatch, you’ll likely conjure up something that grognards will likely call as ‘tacticool’ with night black camo, angular edges and something that won’t look out of place in a last 20th Century action movie.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more timeless looking while still retaining the unique aesthetics that made it indelibly something that service personnel would use, you’ll likely appreciate the classic, historically inspired look look of Laco’s new Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 limited edition timepiece.

The Laco Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 sport an earthy shade of olive for its 2021 edition with striking, functional typography illuminated by Superluminova ‘Old Radium’ with its characteristic neon green glow in dim conditions for unsurpassed viewability and clarity under all light conditions. 

To ensure durability, the Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 feature a 42mm steel case with an understated and aged bronze PVD coating. Seeing its heritage as watches for service personnel, the Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 both feature concise crowns that allow users to continue operating them even with thick aviator gloves.

Ensconced within the steel case is a Laco 21 watch movement that is based on the proven Miyota 821A self-winding movement with a 42 hour power reserve and a stop-second function. Optionally, discerning collectors may opt for the Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 to be augmented with a more powerful Laco 31 movement that has a 60 hour power reserve along with blued screws.

Complementing this timeless look, the Augsburg Olive 42 and Aachen Olive 42 sport a vintage leather strap that is hand-aged to ensure a truly unique look for each timepiece with colour coordinated rivets and buckles.

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