PITA Oceana Titanium 5000M

20,988.00 MYR 23,320.00 MYR

The ultimate dive watch: water resistant up to 5000 meters.

The Oceana took several years to develop - not only is it one of the deepest diving mechanical watches that there is, but it is also one of the most advanced and evolved that there is.

The Oceana is fitted with an ‘Inverted rotary bezel’ (also in G5 Ti). Basically the bezel rotates in a clockwise fashion rather than anticlockwise as is traditional. The bezel's features included: a black dive-time scale in 5min increments and a row of tooth-shaped bezel notches.

The Oceana has a matte black dial with white combination baton hour markers and Arabic numerals at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock and a star-shaped seconds indicator, which doubles as a chromatic depth gauge. A little known fact is how color / light behaves as you descend into the depths - basically the deeper you venture into ocean, the less color there is. Red disappears first, then orange, followed by yellow then green and finally blue.

The Oceana is powered by a Pita-003 movement, which features two patented systems (mentioned above) that allow the time to be set underwater! It is the only mechanical watch in the world that allows you (if need be) to set the time underwater. However Pita have incorporated a special safety feature into the Oceana’s back that automatically locks the TSM with the ends of the strap as soon as the watch is secured to your wrist, so that there can be no accidental adjustment of time whilst wearing the watch.

The Oceana has a water-resistance of 5000 meters that has been independently tested in Germany. It is one of only a handful of mechanical dive watches that have such a high water-resistance.It achieves this by use of two patented systems for a ‘water-entry free case’: the Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism) and the Pita-RT (Remote Transmission). The watch has no crown, no case back cover, so no weak points! These ingenious systems eliminate what would be the watch’s most vulnerable points, where water could enter. 


About Pita Barcelona 

Aniceto Pita is a self taught Independent Watchmaker creating his micro mechanical wrist art in Barcelona. He was elected to the AHCI in 2006 and had made a name for himself with his unique and patented winding and setting mechanisms for his watches. The Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism) begun to be developed in 1990 and in 2003 he was awarded a patent for this. His watches very much reflect his view of the world and styles vary tremendously.


Technical Specifications

Caliber: Pita O6.6 mechanical self-winding movement. Featuring Pita-RT and Pita-TSM patents for remote magnetic transmission on a watertight case with no weak points. Bidirectional winding rotor, Single Mainspring Barrel, 42 hours power reserve

Patented System: Time Setting Mechanism (TSM), Remote Transmission (RT)

Functions: Hours, minutes, center seconds

Case: Titanium Grade 5 (TiAl6V4), Round Case with Round Closed Lugs, Closed Turning Back Case, featuring patented TSM & RT systems

Diameter: 41 mm 

Height: 21mm 

Glass: Acrylic Policarbonate

Width of leather strap: 22 mm 

Dial: Black with SuperLuminova indexes on white

Water resistance: 5000m / 16,500feet (500bar). Pressure-Tank Tested at 6030m (603 bar).

Hands: SuperLuminova straight hands

Strap: Night Black Santorini Rubber

Weight: 113g

Limitation: Number 29/99 pieces

Warranty: 2 years

Made in Spain

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