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SEVENFRIDAY Bracelet GMS2/02 Big Crash

RM790.00 MYR

The Big Crash O-Series Special Edition GMS2/02 bracelet deconstructs the system of drive trains and gearing found in early transmissions like steam engines and horse-powered machinery. Oversized beading in ebony and matte bronze metal take visual cues and inspiration from the industrial revolution.

Elasticized bracelet with oversized beads. Alternating ebony wood and matte bronze metal beads.

Bronze metal elements recreate the gear, teeth and bearings in a power transmission box.
- Eight special bronze elements alternate with 5 smaller rings.
- Ebony dark wood alternates with matte bronze metal beads.
- 1 special bronze element with “SEVENFRIDAY” logo engraved in black.

Small: 15cm with 5 ebony dark wood and 3 bronze metal balls
Medium: 17cm with 6 ebony dark wood and 4 bronze metal balls
Large: 19cm with 7 ebony dark wood and 4 bronze metal balls

SEVENFRIDAY bracelets are available at SEVENFRIDAY Space KL - Level 2 Robinsons at Four Seasons Place.

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