Boldr - The Watch For Adventurers.

Looking for a dive watch for a special scuba expedition? Planning for a trip to the jungle to discover a waterfall? Thinking of taking a cycling road trip and seeing the sights of the country? Well, you’ve come to the right place – especially when that place has BOLDR watches!

(Watch Model: BOLDR Odyssey Bronze Sepertine)











(Watch Model: BOLDR Odyssey Bronze Sepertine)

BOLDR Supply Company, an outfitter watch brand created for adventure seekers, is a company based out of Singapore and Malaysia. Today, they are known for manufacturing super-tough, over-engineered watches and accessories that’s undeniably stylish.

BOLDR’s story is one of survival and of resurrection. For its first collection, BOLDR set out to create a technical analog watch that was initially cancelled in its Kickstarter campaign even though it had already raised over USD120,000. Undaunted, BOLDR rose up once more and pressed forward, learning from its mistakes. And today, the brand has successfully put forth several collections that are streamlined with its vision, many of which have been sold out. The watches that BOLDR proudly presents are clearly a watch that is rugged and expressive. These are timepieces for those who are on the go and for those who have their minds set on exploring. BOLDR makes watches that come as a companion for the one who seeks out new experiences. The collections of the brand’s watches offer not only the right form but also function and though they are made for the conditions of the mountain top or the deep ocean, BOLDR is also the right timepiece for those traversing the urban landscape until the time when they can set out for new adventures.

(Watch Model: BOLDR Expedition Sinai)

“We want to make the world a BOLDR place, a world without boundaries, where challenges are just the start of your next adventure. Living life BOLDR means living life without barriers – where people around the world are connected by their spirit of adventure.”

BOLDR watches are exclusively available at all Red Army Watches outlets: 

  • Pavilion KL (Lot P4.04.00)
  • 1Utama Shopping Centre (Lot G136)

You may also opt to purchase available BOLDR watches via online through our official website at

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