Taking care of your watch – Part 1

Any watch that you purchase or receive should be taken care with great care. It is after all the ultimate accessory/jewellery for the wrist. A watch that is well taken care of will last a long long time and can even outlive you if proper maintenance is observed for it.

Wolf tray
WOLF Stackable Watch Tray. Photo by WOLF

For example, after wearing it, one should store it in a cool dry and dark space. Before storage, you should wipe off all grime, water or dirt using a microfiber cloth that will not scratch the surface of the watch. This action will prevent build-up of dirt that will otherwise be difficult to remove once accumulated in the nooks and crannies of the watch.

Be careful in choosing the right cleaning cloth for your watch surfaces.

For a quartz watch, batteries should be changed before or at the end of the life expectancy of the battery. If the batteries die, replace the batteries quickly to prevent them from leaking acid into the mechanisms of the watch. If you are storing a quartz watch for a long period of time, remove the batteries from the watch.

For a mechanical watch, always avoid adjusting the time on the watch by winding the time backwards. Doing so will damage the internal gears of the movement of the watch. Finally, always send your watch to an authorized service centre or a qualified technician as he or she will be able to service the components of your watch in the best manner possible without inflicting damage onto your watch.

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