REC x RWB - Turning two legends into timepieces


Make a stand: Danish brand REC WATCH proudly introduce the most extreme collection yet, The Limited Edition 901 RWB – produced and designed in collaboration with legendary Japanese car tuner Akira Nakai, founder of Porsche tuning company RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB). 

The 901 RWB collection is based on and contains a piece of metal from Akira Nakai-San’s two personal RWB Porsche 911’s:
Stella Artois – a car 12 years in the making and the testbed of all RWB projects and Rotana – his most focused and rawest race car to date.

Both vehicles would go on to define and shape the RWB brand and Porsche tuning subculture. Considered an artist and genius in the car and drifting community, Akira Nakai has specialized in the installation of custom wide-body kits and extreme fenders on classic Porsche 911’s. Doing most of his work by hand, Akira Nakai’s RWB conversions are unmistakable and controversial.
The REC X RWB project has been two years in the making – blame it on Danish perfectionism. Captivating the soul and the design DNA of Stella and Rotana has by no means been an easy task. But they are finally there and almost ready to introduce the timepieces to the world.
As an artist Akira Nakai is determined, uncompromising and driven by passion. He might be transforming the classic Porsche 911 into something extreme for a living – but his love of these vehicles is the reason the fender parts removed from his original cars are still to be found in his garage in Kashiwa, Japan.
REC x RWB timepieces are not only capturing the design DNA of the pinnacle of his creations - but the soul of two legends.
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