Unlocking the Mystery: BEHRENS B023 – “The Da Vinci Code”

In a captivating exploration of horological artistry, BEHRENS unveils the B023 – “The Da Vinci Code.” Inspired by a secret code concealed within an art painting for over two millennia, this masterpiece combines the intrigue of art and mystery. While the topic has previously been transformed into a novel and a movie, "The Da Vinci Code" still leaves readers pondering the line between fiction and reality.

Behrens Da Vinci Code Watch
BEHRENS has ingeniously translated "The Da Vinci Code" into the realm of watchmaking, infusing the essence of the secret code into the design of the B023 automatic wristwatch. The beating heart of this timepiece is a Swiss cal.2824-2 automatic movement, enhanced by an in-house developed mechanical module that introduces a satellite time display function. This unique module employs a three-disc system that self-rotates every hour, with the entire mechanism orbiting around the center at a rate of three hours per revolution.

Distinctive to this satellite system is the concealed hour markers, mirroring the mystery found in BEHRENS B023 - "The Da Vinci Code." Special luminous plates are strategically placed beneath certain locations, revealing only three of the hour indications at a time. Functionality is further enriched with a "Date" display at the 2:30 position on the dial, while subtle elements of BEHRENS B023 -  "The Da Vinci Code" are integrated into the dial design, inviting exploration and discovery.

Behrens Da vinci Code watch

BEHRENS' commitment to innovation extends to the bracelet, featuring an in-house designed and patented metal bracelet. Notably, the engineering team has devised a user-friendly push-button system for adjusting the bracelet length, eliminating the need for tools.

Behrens Da Vinci code Box

In keeping with the theme of "The Da Vinci Code," BEHRENS presents a special storage boxset, accessible only through a secret code. This attention to detail and dedication to the theme make BEHRENS B023 – “The Da Vinci Code” a horological masterpiece that marries art and mystery.

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