What makes a good watch? What to look for?

What makes a good watch? That’s a question that is often asked and actually a rather difficult one to answer in a straightforward manner. One may think that the brand alone is sufficient when considering to purchase a watch. No doubt, the brand name is important as it represents the heritage of the brand. A good brand that has existed for a long time means that the brand is successful and can be trusted upon to manufacture a good watch.
It also means that the brand has the experience in creating watches that are reliable. Reliability is possibly the most important aspect of a good watch. It will mean that your watch accurately tells the time throughout its recommended service period. It will mean that your watch does not become faulty without good reason and that the watch also does not need to be handled with too much care that it becomes burdensome. A bonus if the components of the watch perpetually amazes and astounds you! A watch is after all one of man’s greatest inventions.
The fit and finish of a watch should be at least impeccable to the naked eye. Detailing should be clean and decorations to the watch should be on point and within the theme of the watch. The proportions of the visual components of the watch should not deviate from tradition as these guidelines are to ensure that your watch is able to do its rudimentary job of telling time legibly. A good watch is one that you will find you love looking at any time of the day. It successfully reflects your personality and also the occasion in which it is worn. The design of the watch is key. At the end of it all, surely you would not want to wear a watch you consider to be unattractive or difficult to read.
An important consideration is the consideration of the aspect of after-sales service. A brand that has good after-sales will ensure that your investment in a watch is maintained. A well maintained watch will look and operate at its best for the longest of time and you will also minimize the costs of repairs when the watch finally breaks down someday.
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