A Contemporary Take on the Bauhaus Movement, the SEVENFRIDAY T1/08

SEVENFRIDAY draws inspiration from design movements that have stood the test of time. One of these is the Bauhaus design movement, which originated in Germany in the early 1920s. Bauhaus design is characterized by simple geometric shapes with smooth and rounded corners, as well as simplified forms and functionality. This movement has been a great source of inspiration for SEVENFRIDAY for over a decade.

SEVENFRIDAY's latest timepiece, the T1/08, is a celebration of the Bauhaus design movement. This all-stainless-steel watch features a metal bracelet and an iconic rounded square shape measuring 45mm. It is a simple and unadorned expression of early century modernism, now front and center in the 21st century.

Colors are also an essential aspect of the Bauhaus design movement, and the T1/08 reflects this with its bright and vibrant pastel colors. The T1/08 bezel is highlighted with four thin grooves, each filled with a different pastel color. These same tones can also be found printed on a grid-patterned dial, over which a large white ring with Bauhaus numbers rotates clockwise to indicate the time. Simple geometric shapes are applied to the circumference, serving as a reference for the hours and quarters.

On the reverse side of the T1/08, the ever-present NFC cover is decorated with more geometric shapes and colors. Beneath the cover lies a chip that allows users to link with UPO7F. Simply use your iPhone or Android device to register and start exchanging messages with like-minded individuals and receive special offers and invites.

To top it all off, the T1/08 features a shiny metal bracelet, each link's top surface in a vertical brushed finish, K1 mineral glass, and waterproofness to 3ATM. This watch is a celebration of Bauhaus and SEVENFRIDAY's commitment to quality and design. At SEVENFRIDAY, they take pride in their ability to celebrate without cutting corners. The T1/08 is a perfect representation of their commitment to quality and design, available at Red Army Watches Pavilion KL & 1Utama.

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