Alexander Shorokhoff shares a journey of time

Alexander Shorokhoff shares a journey of time and artistry with his latest timepiece collection

It’s not often you get to meet the founder and creator of one of the world’s most unique watch brands but the stars aligned and we had the chance to meet the selfsame man who began the brand that bears his name and which is renowned as one of the most artistically unique timepieces available today.

Alexander Shorokhoff is easily the most recognisable man in a room, bursting with passion about his work with several examples of his most distinctive timepieces on proud display in an  intimate soiree organised by Red Army Watches Malaysia in downtown Kuala Lumpur. 

Sharply dressed in a suit with twinkling eyes and a ready smile Alexander Shorokhoff shared more about his brand and his latest collection with a passion that belied his years.

How was your trip to Malaysia?

I have been a regular visitor to Malaysia for the past 15 years and I am familiar with both Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I would love to see more of this beautiful country and look forward to my trips here to meet my clientele and my associates in Red Army Watches.

What is the inspiration behind your new collection? What feeling are you trying to convey with your new timepieces?

My timepieces are intended to be a meeting of artistry and technical precision inspired by the things I have seen and experienced. For my Heritage collection, I often draw inspiration for many of my timepieces from my Russian roots, drawing ideas from the great figures from Russian culture and art like Tchaikovsky, Dostoyesvky, Tolstoy and other notables. For my Avantgarde collection, I draw on rich contemporary culture and experiences across the world.

Take the Kandy Avantgarde 2 for example. It has a unique series of special colours with bold yellows, blues and reds that contrast intensely and yet bring the watch and your wrist to life. Rather than being inspired by a cultural figure, I wanted to create something so unique that it would be a watch against boredom on your wrist in every way. It’s a distinctive, bold piece that won the German design award for 2019.

Another watch I am particularly pleased at creating is this piece inspired by a visit to Mexico where I met Frida Carlo who was a very talented painter who led a very interesting life. I made this watch with two skulls on the dial after being inspired by her story. Not only is this a time keeping instrument but it is also a piece of art and a physical embodiment of a story that tells of a person and a culture. This is where we derive value that appreciates over time as each of our time pieces is not only marketing but they are also art to be treasured.

What particular feature or aspect of design are you proud of in your Heritage and Avantgarde collection? 

When designing and creating a watch, we are working from two directions. From one end, we want to produce a unique example of precision engineering. From another, we are working from an artistic perspective to create a work of art. We aim to combine both in a design to create what is distinctly a timepiece from Alexander Shorokhoff. Take for example this timepiece from our collection called the Levels. 

This watch is a feat of engineering as it has four different levels, precision cut and fitted to create a unique whole that includes a loupe that expands the calendar to make it larger for viewing; not just a simple printed dial. The base of the dial also integrates a physical scalloped pattern that gives it a distinctive Avantgarde identity. Not only that, it also integrates two different movements that allow you to read your home time and local times – essential for travellers. 

Creating such a piece and future ones takes about six months from sketches on the drawing board and conception to final assembly at our plant in Alzenau so this amount of time is expected to ensure the level of quality and authenticity in our timepieces to our clientele.

Alexander Shorokhoff watches are available at Red Army Watches - Pavilion KL, 1Utama and Gurney Plaza. 


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