Sea, Sand And....SevenFriday

Upgrade your beach attire. 

Calling all beach-goers everywhere, 7F is releasing the SevenFriday P3C/03 BEACH CLUB. The translucent aqua blue of its animation ring is made of acetate normally reserved for SevenFriday Sunnies and mirrors the sea’s colour, while the dash of yellow on its iconic multi-layered dial hints at the warming and restorative powers of the sun!

Undeniably, the BEACH CLUB is a fashionable and cool watch but there are numerous features that make it unique. The BEACH CLUB boasts 10ATM water resistance, thanks to its screw-down crown. Whether it’s worn for a fun day at the beach, an adrenaline packed afternoon spent on the water or a meal with friends in the shade, the P3C/03 is fit for every summer adventure.



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