Mother’s Day favorites from Alexander Shorokhoff


  • Alexander Shorokhoff Winter

The blistering cold of the winters from Alexander Shorokhov’s homeland is the key inspiration behind his ‘Winter’ watch. Created as an allegory to the consequences of the climate change and to the effects of global warming, the watch serves as a meaningful representation of the desire of seeing a dreamlike winter landscape covered with the white of snow.

This feminine timepiece is imbued with grace and delicate elegance with a dial is completely covered with tree branches and surrounded by a sparkling blanket of snow made of diamond powder. The award winning Alexander Shorokhoff ‘Winter’ is surely a luxurious encounter with a fantastical scene that fires up the imagination of faraway places with just a glance.

  • Autumn

A perfect complement to ‘Winter’ is Alexander Shorokhoff’s ‘Autumn’ watch. Where the former is one that depicts snow and frost, ‘Autumn’ is a timepiece that exudes the warm glow of the season with its golden tones. The splendorous colour palette of autumn brings a contrasting aesthetic and ignites a different sense of joyous emotion when viewing the watch. This time around, the leaf design on the dial is refined in yellow gold and the diamond dust is instead underlaid with orange.

For ‘Autumn’, one will be able to choose between a stainless steel case or a case with a warm chocolate tone (and matching hands).

The changes of the seasons represented by these dual timepieces are a wonderful way to dedicate to the warm feelings of home and of Mother’s love. Regardless of the choice, either will inevitably bring a precious smile to her face. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to offer either of them to that most special of women in one’s life?

Pictures : @alexander_shorokhoff 

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