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Neapel 39 and Palermo by Laco 

We look at the new Laco Neapel 39 and Palermo 39 with great fondness. All the high-quality indications are present – the familiar grippy onion crown, matching colour comfortable stitched leather straps and refinement in the finishing aka “dettagli raffinate”. In these watches, we can see that Laco wants to bring our minds and thoughts to the quintessential Italy that lies between Naples and Palermo.

LACO Neapel 39 front and back at Red Army Watches


Credit : Laco Neapel 39 by Laco Uhrenmanufaktur Gmbh

And sandwiched between the sapphire crystals (optionally coated with anti-reflective treatment on both sides) front and back is the automatic Laco 21 calibre which is based on an accurately performing Miyota 821A. Of course, customers may also choose to have these watches powered by the Laco 31 calibre which comes with a power reserve of 60 hours and blued screws.

Then, there’s the dial – now we’re talking! This is German watchmaking at its best in the form of a pilot watch. Legibility is of utmost importance in a professional tool watch and, therefore it is no wonder that the radiant orange accents make both the Neapel and the Palermo indisputably eye-catching. This colour is chosen to represent the abundant number of orange trees that exists between Campania and Sicily.

LACO Palermo 39 on jeans at Red Army Watches

Credit : Laco Palermo 39 by Laco Uhrenmanufaktur Gmbh

The latter’s Type B historical Type B matte dial offers a wonderful contrast to the Type A matte dial of the former and makes both watches a great choice for the watch connoisseur. This is technical excellence at work and the watches continue to shine even at night when the orange Super Luminova illuminates. So, will you join us to Italy today?


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