From Passion to Legend: The Pilot Watch From Laco

As one of a few exclusive companies the workshop in Pforzheim can look back on a long tradition. Whereas in the 1940s a Laco was an indispensable tool in the cockpit, today it is an expression of freedom. With a Laco aviator watch you are not only wearing a precise and robust watch on your wrist, but also a piece of history.



Regardless of which Laco aviator watch you choose, all models have one thing in common: a legendary history. In the 1940s only a handful of companies received permission to manufacture pilot watches. One of them was Laco. The detailed requirements laid down for observation watches for the German Air Force were formulated by the Ministry of Aviation under the classification "FL 23883". This number stood for "navigation devices" and could also be seen on each watch on the opposite side of the winder.


The observation watches were not worn by the pilots, but by the navigators on board. They used the aviator watch and an octant to determine the exact position of the aircraft. Precision had to be guaranteed at all times, even under extreme conditions. It also had to be easy to read and use under all conditions. In other words: An aviator watch used to be an indispensable companion on board. As authentic replicas of historical Laco aviator watches from the 1940s the current models are characterised by their high precision combined with outstanding design. The main characteristics of a Laco aviator watch are, among other things, the iconic watch face, the distinctive onion-shaped crown, the closed leather strap and the surface finish of the casing. Robust aviator watches with distinctive marks that tell a story, are the "heirlooms" of Laco. The unique and intentional signs of wear on the aviator watches attest to their authenticity and an eventful history - and turns each "heirloom" into a high-quality one-of-a-kind item. In other words: a legend that Laco watchmakers build with devotion - and their customers wear with passion.

Different Types of Laco Pilot Watches


Considering its turbulent history, the pilot watch was specifically designed and built for the needs on board. The pilot watch was therefore characterised by its robustness, functionality and high readability: it was resistant to shock, vibration and pressure as well as easy and safe to use both day and night. Characteristics that nowadays are of great benefit also in everyday life. Whoever buys a Laco with the classic aviator watch design, can therefore count on their ease of use and good readability..

Most pilot watches models by Laco are manufactured by hand based on three different model types in Pforzheim. At first glance, the differences of the aviator watches types A, B and C, are, above all, in the division of the dial.

Laco Type A


Model A was created in the 1940s for aviators and is characterised by a simple design with numbered hours. The dial with a large hour circle indicates the numbers 1 to 11. For better readability the pilot watch model A has a triangle with two points in place of the Arabic numeral "12". The triangle made sure that the wearer of the watch could see the hands at “12” at a glance, even with poor visibility and difficult flight conditions or under stress. These two points also make it easier to precisely set the watch in difficult visibility conditions.

Laco Type B


Model B aviator watches made the work of early navigators easier. A characteristic of type B aviator watches is the large minute numbers in increments of 5 along the edge. The classic hour division of 1 to 12 is given in Arabic numerals, which are displayed in an additional inner ring. Military aviator watches generally had no manufacturing company logos. Quite simply, this was to prevent additional “useless” elements from affecting the readability and functionality of the watch. Besides the two classic A and B models, you can also acquire another watch type from us, which combines proven elements with additional practical components: the type C aviator watch.

Laco Type C


The type C pilot watch combines the characteristics of model A with the special features of a chronograph. The dial displays the Arabic numerals 1 to 11 in a large hour circle, and the usual triangle instead of "12". Type C also has the additional functions of a chronograph, for example, stop seconds, separate, decentralised second hand, or day and date display. Regardless of model or type, the aviator watch has established itself as a popular watch type. It is often worn as a statement, rather than for functionality. As statement of the original made in Germany.

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