Introducing the Horizon Watches Nemo Collection: A Tribute to Jules Verne's Timeless Universe

Fred Bekher, the visionary founder and designer of Horizon Watches, has consistently drawn inspiration from the fascinating universe of Jules Verne. This inspiration has driven the creation of Horizon Watches' first two collections, and the latest addition, the Nemo collection, continues this tradition with remarkable flair.

Horizon Nemo Golden Hour

Pic: Horizon Nemo Golden Hour

Captain Nemo, a character crafted by the French novelist, takes center stage in this new release, having appeared in Verne's science-fiction classics, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas" (1870) and "The Mysterious Island" (1875).

Horizon Nemo Clown
Pic: Horizon Nemo Clown

Following the success of Horizon Watches' initial collections, which garnered rave reviews from both owners and critics, Bekher is now set to unveil Nemo. This new collection serves as a sequel to Horizon Watches’ first collection, the -N-. While the -N- series was known for its bold and imposing presence on the wrist, Nemo offers a contrasting experience with a design that is smaller and thinner. Despite its more subdued appearance, Nemo retains the distinctive features that have become synonymous with Horizon Watches.

Horizon Nemo Coral

Pic: Horizon Nemo Coral

The core elements of the brand's DNA are evident in the Nemo collection, including the signature two-part case construction, the Integrated Date Display (IDD), and the tall markers with a unique proprietary font style.

Horizon Nemo Ocean
Pic: Horizon Nemo Ocean

Bekher explains, “Although I was happy with how the -N- turned out, I wanted to create something that’s calmer and more subdued while still retaining the signature style of the -N-. When I look at the prototypes of the Nemo, I think I may have created the best-looking diver with a high level of detailing this time. And I’m excited to share this with everyone.”

Horizon Nemo Pistachio

Pic: Horizon Nemo Pistachio

The Horizon Watches Nemo collection comprises seven models and will be available for pre-order starting May 2024, with deliveries expected to commence in August 2024.

Horizon Nemo Kelp

Pic: Horizon Nemo Kelp

You can find the Horizon Nemo collection exclusively at Red Army Watches stores located at Pavilion KL and 1Utama, with a recommended retail price of MYR5565.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to dive into the timeless elegance of the Horizon Watches Nemo collection.

Horizon Nemo Abyss
Pic: Horizon Nemo Abyss

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