Watch winders – do you need them?

For a watch lover and collector, the thought of having a watch winder often comes to mind. With a winder, it is easier to ensure that your automatic watches remain wound even when you are not wearing them. A watch winder’s basic function is to turn the watch clockwise or anti-clockwise in order to rotate the automatic rotor in the watch and keep its power reserve spring fully wound. It also makes a watch such as an automatic perpetual calendar continuously operate so that it never loses track of the date, especially when setting a perpetual calendar may prove to be cumbersome.

Watch winders vary in quality and this is often reflected in the price as well as the fit and finish of the winder. Often times, a good winder will also be quieter in operation. A good winder will also be programmable and may be able to provide the ability to turn the watch clockwise or anti-clockwise to suit the watch.

Before purchasing a winder, it is essential to check to see if the winder can handle the size and weight of your watch in order for it to function optimally. Of course, the choice of a watch winder that is battery operated or plugged in is dependent on the availability of an electric socket (AC) or if you want to be able to carry around the winder easily. The advantages of each are obvious and the need to be portable should be considered. There is also the matter of the size of collection. A large watch winder that is able to accommodate a big number of watches may be desirable although space may be a concern. There are also smaller watch winders that are modular in nature and can easily be added upon should the need for more winders arise. Definitely, one would like to have all of his or her winders look in theme when adding more winders. Luckily there are also more luxurious options that are winders that look like furniture to fit into the aesthetics of the house. There also exist winders that act like hidden or secret compartments to furniture as an added layer of security.

Whatever it is, the choice of winders, though not as many as watches, can be daunting so it is important to select a brand that is well known to be reliable or have a good after-sales service support structure in place. Finally, it is important to ensure that the winder winds the watch in the correct direction or you may find your watch stopped when you come home to it after a couple of days away.

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