A Time of Empowerment

Written by: Carat Malaysia (2019)

For centuries, the active roles within the watch industry have been dominated by men, cultivated an uneven playing field in the process. Along the way, it created an industry narrative whereby women’s watches are typically gifted from their men. More recently, however, brands have come to realize the potential of marketing their products direct to the female half of the world’s population.

It has become commonplace for watch brands to craft their messages and storytelling direct to women, acknowledging their greater independence and financial freedom than in previous generations. Women of today occupy positions of power and attain affluence entirely through their own merits, and this enables them to acquire their own timepieces on their own terms. 

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Red Army Watches are offering a new specially-selected collection of timepieces as a symbol of independence, empowerment, and self-love.

P1B/02 – Sevenfriday

An immaculate piece, the P1B/02 from Sevenfriday’s P-series is perfect for those with a pristine personality. The pairing of soft calf skin leather with a sturdy case is inspired by the industrial essence of cotton-spinning machinery.

Its intricacies are beautifully detailed, especially with the five layer multi-level stainless steel interface that’s finished with matt, opaline and diamond cut treatment and white discs. Underneath, the automatic Miyota 82S7 powers with a 40H reserve.

Lighting the dark times is the red hour hand filled with Super-Luminova®. The minute hand is attached to a cool black centered inner ring, while the second hand has printed tracks, both colored in sandblasted gray to go with the spotless white silicone animation ring.

Tell day from night with a 24H fine sandblasted rhodium disc as white printed quarter moon indicate night time, while the quarter moon shaped gold disc with sun symbol indicating day time.

Winter – Alexandar Shorokhoff

Winter is here, and it’s breaking apart from the traditional appearance of luxury watches. An icy and sophisticated Alexander Shorokhoff piece for a professional aiming to rise up the ranks and make a real change. 

Imbued with a hint of climate change, this watch also brings the winter nostalgia back to mind with a stingray leather strap in dark blue with a glittery diamond powder covered dial embellished with silver ornamentation, covered with anti-reflective sapphire glass.

The water-resistant 39 mm case embodies a 2824 ETA automatic winding caliber with hand-engraved and refined rotor, with 25 jewels and 49 hours of power reserve. The limitation to only 287 pieces worldwide makes this piece even more exclusive.

Arabian Pearls – Alexander Shorokhoff

Women who can pull off exotic styles should certainly give Arabian Pearls a go. Inspired by the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the fascinating dial stylised with Arabic ornaments along with fine diamond dust signifies the luxury and culture of both regions while preserving the essence of local culture.  

Besides mesmerising with the beauty of the desert and reminiscence to the Arabic art and traditions, this Shorokhoff piece’s mechanical design is also a force to reckon with. The silver hour marker brings clarity and transparency to its design, while the stainless steel case and black stingray strap bring out the piece’s classical elegance.

The dial is protected by anti-reflective sapphire crystal and encased with stainless steel, powered by a 2824 ETA automatic movement with a hand-engraved and refined flywheel, giving it a touch of sophistication.

Lady Chronograph – Alexander Shorokoff

Alexander Shorokhoff’s Lady Chronograph is a befitting choice to express a feminine personality. Imbued with classically feminine attributes, the watch boasts exquisite craftsmanship and quality watch design.

The surface dial is crafted with genuine mother-of-pearl. Add this with its distinctive day and night design, the detailing on blued hands and diamond studded bezel lining the stainless steel, this watch is bound to focus every attention on the elegant lady donning it.

Its caliber is a 31681.AS manual winding chronograph with an on/off chrono feature, and is partially hand-engraved and refined. Additions of decentralized second hand and minute counter add a hint of intricacy without being too complex. The extra soft calfskin leather in black further stylizes this beautiful piece.

Nastja Women’s Skeleton – Poljot International

For women of deep passion, Poljot International’s particularly beautiful Nastja Women’s Skeleton has an open skeletonized dial with a perfect view into the heart of the watch, which is truly a sight to behold, portraying the intricacies of Automatic Caliber 2706 Seagull skeleton. 

The dial is available in silver, champagne or rosé, and is covered with fine Swarovski jewels on the hours 3, 6, 9 and 12. The exclusive stainless steel case and sapphire crystal glass are complemented by the classic dark brown leather strap, providing a hint of class to any outfit.

Seventy-5 – March Lab

A dedicated piece for the younger group with refined taste in timepiece, Seventy from the March collection is simple elegance defined. Directly inspired by AM69, Seventy shares similar designs with its predecessor, but is lauded for its much more minimalistic and purer look.

A bare dial, refined glass and purified crown are enough to stop anyone in their tracks. But Seventy impresses further with a 36 mm round gold case and an ivory white strap made with woven Perlon. Another notable feature includes an easy removable strap, letting you match your watch with your outfits for any occasion. The piece is powered by Japanese quartz movement MIYOTA 2115.


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