Fly the friendly blue skies with these Laco Blaue Stunde series watches


Fly the friendly blue skies with these Laco Blaue Stunde series watches

Written by Hitech Century | 26 June 2018

Being a pilot flying the friendly skies is an incredibly precise job that demands a similar level of precision and accuracy from the instruments and hardware that they use and rely on both in and out of the cockpit. The timepieces used by pilots often remain one of the most essential yet traditional items they have on their person. Even in a digital age, a traditional timepiece is needed by pilots as it remains the distilled epitome of reliability and efficiency, which is where the likes of Laco’s pilot watches come into the picture.

Appointed as one of five licensed manufacturers of watches intended for pilots and navigators since the 1940s, Laco-made timepieces are usually the province of those whose trade is plying the skies. To commemorate that which pilots see most often in their line of work – the skies, that is – Laco has commissioned a new collection of Laco “Blaue Stunde” pilot watches, which is German for “Twilight Hour”. The new collection consists of four timepieces – the Aachen Blaue Stunde 42, the Aachen Blaue Stunde 39, the Augsburg Blaue Stunde 42 and the Augsburg Blaue Stunde 39.

The new pieces in the collection are all automatics, with a Miyota 821A movement running the show encased in a bead-blasted stainless steel case backed with sapphire glass and feature a blue face reminiscent of the twilight hour. Where they differ is in size and the dial design with the Aachen series watches sporting a subtle subray pattern on their watchface embellished with Arabic figures and a distinct hour and minute dial while the Augsburg variants come with a simpler, more contemporary design with a single watchface to indicate hours and minutes.

Both the Aachen and Augsburg series come in 42mm and 39mm watch sizes, indicated by the suffix to their name. Both Laco ‘Twilight Blue’ series watches have similar prices with all of them, regardless of dial size retailing for RM1,943 and are available at all Red Army Watches outlets nationwide. 

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