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The Electricianz was born out of a strong desire for creativity in a traditionally conservative luxury landscape. Firmly anchored in Swiss watchmaking know-how, they pride themselves in crafting innovative products with an offbeat design, backed by rigorous quality standards.

Electricity is the rawest expression of energy. It is a flow, the invisible link that connects, penetrates and gives life to the world. Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and underground cultures, The Electricianz original design makes the watches’ inner mechanism, powered by electricity, visible.
Where others battle with ever-growing complications and technological add-ons. The Electricianz promotes an authentic design that creatively puts forth the transmission of energy in its simplest expression: a battery, conductors, and a display. The Electricianz is a vibrant homage to the mechanical world hidden below the digital surfaces of our connected, 21st-century everyday.
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