12,136.00 MYR

Travel Through Space with the Space Traveller (Limited Production)

B012B – “SPACE TRAVELLER” series – GREEN Fume Dial edition is a mechanical wristwatch we have developed base on the inspiration from the revolution of planets. From which a Miyota Cal.9015 automatic movement (one of the most stable and reliable mechanical movement in the market) has been used as a base for power source and then we installed a mechanical module which we have designed, developed, and constructed completely in-house based on a satellite system (for satellite time display function).

The time display function is by the 2 sapphire discs (one for displaying hours and one for displaying minutes) which rotate by itself alongside with the whole mechanism revolutionary to display accurate time with a luminous plate underneath that glow in the dark.

Furthermore, we have designed a metal circle frame (in the center) that rotates to indicate the time in seconds with luminous on the surrounding that glow in the dark.

Each of these watches has been fully tested for weight balancing and have achieved a minimum of 42 hours power reserve.

About Behrens

Independent watch brand, Behrens, is based in Hong Kong and specialises in watchmaking and watch modification. The brand is guided by German architect and designer, Peter Behrens' design philosophy, which is: “ continue innovating is always been our life goal. All watches are fixed in form and have the design of all looking alike. If we need to break that pattern, we will have to break it from the root -- the movement.” Behrens has been modifying its own movements for many years. With every Behrens watch that you choose, you can look forward to having an art piece on your wrist that comes with unique complications.


  • Function     : Satellite time display in hours and minutes with date window at 4:00
  • Case            : Stainless Steel 316L with high quality polished mat and gross surface finish.
  • Case Size    : 42mm in Diameter and 12.5mm overall thickness.
  • Movement : Miyota 9-Series Automatic
  • Crystal        : Sapphire Crystal
  • Strap           : Leather (width 21mm) with pin stainless buckle.
  • Warranty    : 3-Years International  + additional 2 years if register on website

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