CIGA Design J-Series Zen Grey Automatic Watch

2,490.00 MYR

The hovering hour hand revealsthe black technology on your wrist.

The red "|" hour hand hovers over the skeleton movement. As it turns, it seems to intersct with its surroun-dings. It represents that every "|" is in constant dialog with the world, and one should seek out the self and focus on one's heart.


Three-layer dial structure symbolizes the three Zen realms

Condensed pure lines with three-layer overlapping and interlocking structure, creates gradient color tones and symbolizes the three realms of the pursuit of self through simple texture design.


0.3mm, micron-level precision Embodies our endless pursuit of details

Original dial design with 120 fine lines only 0.2mm apart. Radiating from the movement, outlining an unconverntional and complex design.


X-type equal-length dual hand design A brakthrough in the traditional method of watch reading.

The original equal-length dual hand span the entire dial and are in-stantly readable. the intersection of different moments creates different visual to enhance the watch-reading experience.


Zen-themed strap, soft, comfortable, and washable

Dry landscape art is integrated into the strap design, expressing a simple and ethereal Zen feeling. Food grade silicone material, FDA(U.S Food and Drug Administration) certifiled, sweat-proof, comfortable and elasetic for a better feel on your skin.


Surgical steel woven mesh strap Plating process makes the strap wear and scrath resistant

Precision drawing treatment creates an exquisite texture. Using the hidden clip, you can change the strap in 10 sconds and wear it more comfortably.


Original Citizen movement
Audible "heartbeat meter" on the wrist

You can hear the mechanical heartbeat when you bring it close to your ear: Movement frequency 21,600 times/hour, 21 diamonds, 42-hour movement reserve.


Original Book gift box

Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Award for Visual Communication

Inspired by Zen design concepts, the pattems on the cover come in opaque, semi-permeable, and transparent forms to represent the three realms of Zen practice, provoking thoughts on Zen and re-vealing the truth of Zen practice through its appearance.

About CIGA Design

CIGA Design is China's first original designer watch brand led by Mr. Zhang Jianmin, one of China's Top 10 Industrial Designers, since he founded the company in
2016. CIGA has won a total of 16 international design awards by virtue of its excellent original designs. So far, CIGA has reaped the largest number of international
design awards among its Chinese peers and the only Chinese watch brand winning the GPHG prize. CIGA has nine of the thirteen Red Dot Awards for watches in
China. It's also the winner of both the German Red Dot Award: Best of the Best and the iF Gold Award for product design in the domestic watch industry. In 2019,
CIGA was nominated for GPHG, which is known as the "Oscars of the watch industry", making itself the first Chinese watch brand in GPHG's List of Winners. In
2021, thanks to its innovative designs, CIGA design was again selected as one of the global TOP 3 finalists in the German iF Design Award 2017-2021. In the same year, the U Series Blue Planet won the Challenge Watch Prize in GPHG 2021-a breakthrough for
Chinese watch brands, showcasing to the world the strength of Chinese original design.

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