CIGA Design U-Series Blue Planet Gilding Version Automatic Watch

9,415.00 MYR 9,900.00 MYR

A Golden Touch, A Timeless Heritage

CIGA Design evolves an all-new understanding of the Blue Planet. As a symbol of the enduring nature of eternity, gold has stood the test of time for millennia and mustn't be overlooked. With the debut of pure gold and masterful craftsmanship, the Blue Planet Gilding version is a fusion of all the experience we have gained since creating the brand. It was born to be striking, both technically and aesthetically.

1. Challenge Watch Prize Winner of 2021 GPHG.
2. The intricate dial, crafted with micro-craving and multi-layer 24K gilding, reproduces the Earth in the same continent-and-ocean ratio and depicts the real altitude of the terrain.
3. A refine ceramic case with a sense of wholeness, lustrous finish, smooth & silky touch, resistance, and lightweight.
4. An innovative change makes the watch possible to indicate both the hour and minute with a single pointer.
5. Patented automatic calibre integrated by 30 jewels with a power reserve of 40 hours and a movement frequency of 28800 times/hour.
6. Booklet packaging and page-turning design, made of recycled material. Perfect style for collection or any gifting occasion.

ciga design blue planet gliding version

About CIGA Design

CIGA Design is China's first original designer watch brand led by Mr. Zhang Jianmin, one of China's Top 10 Industrial Designers, since he founded the company in
2016. CIGA has won a total of 16 international design awards by virtue of its excellent original designs. So far, CIGA has reaped the largest number of international
design awards among its Chinese peers and the only Chinese watch brand winning the GPHG prize. CIGA has nine of the thirteen Red Dot Awards for watches in
China. It's also the winner of both the German Red Dot Award: Best of the Best and the iF Gold Award for product design in the domestic watch industry. In 2019,
CIGA was nominated for GPHG, which is known as the "Oscars of the watch industry", making itself the first Chinese watch brand in GPHG's List of Winners. In
2021, thanks to its innovative designs, CIGA design was again selected as one of the global TOP 3 finalists in the German iF Design Award 2017-2021. In the same year, the U Series Blue Planet won the Challenge Watch Prize in GPHG 2021-a breakthrough for
Chinese watch brands, showcasing to the world the strength of Chinese original design.


Caliber: Automatic CIGA Design self-design movement, 40hr power reserve, 28800/vph.
Functions: The navigation marker on the dial is the only pointer.
Case: Ceramic, 3 atm water-resistant
Diameter 46mm*46mm Excluding crown
Height: 15.6 mm
Glass: Sapphire glass
Strap: 22 mm
Dial: Black Gold
Strap: Ceramic strap (232mm) / Fluorine Rubber strap (250mm) 
Limitation : -
Warranty: 1 year

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