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Own a Piece of the PT879 MK IX Spitfire Aircraft on Your Wrist

The RJM contains a piece of world history in the form of untreated aluminum cut directly from the PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft.

It is the world’s first mechanical timepiece that combines authentic salvaged Spitfire aircraft material with both the design of the aircraft itself, and the watches worn by RAF pilots of that era.

The iconic Supermarine Spitfire aircrafts needs no introduction, and is rightly so still widely celebrated for its crucial role during the Battle of Britain. Still, a handful of the approximately 20,300 Spitfire aircrafts ever built, were never intended to defend the British shores.

PT879 was among the approximately 1.118 Mark IX Spitfire aircrafts delivered in Murmansk in 1944 as part of the Allied Forces Lend-Lease aid policy to support the Russian war effort. She crashed in a dogfight in the Spring of 1945 with just 29 hours on the airframe.

A lot of Spitfire aircrafts went down over the Russian Tundra and none have come back. This is the only one!

More than a half century later, in 1998, the battered aircraft was recovered in Murmansk as a complete but crashed aircraft – having spent 53 years in barn as she was recovered off the Tundra by an unnamed farmer in 1945. Currently, PT879 is undergoing a full restoration by Peter Teichman. An accomplished pilot, Peter has made it his life’s work to restore classic warbirds to their former glory and is uncompromising in restoring the PT879 to the same standards as when she left the factory at Castle Bromwich on the 4th of August 1944.

An impressive number of the PT879’s original parts are to be used in the restoration of the airframe, and more than 500 parts were used in the now-renovated fuselage. Even so, there remained considerable aluminum parts of the salvaged PT879 wings which were not suitable for restoration. These parts, authentic pieces of world history featuring original marks and dents, are directly incorporated into the design of the RJM Collection, ensuring that every single RJM timepiece becomes visually unique.

The dial around the date window is recycled from a piece of untreated aluminium cut directly from the PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft.

The case shape is inspired by the watches worn by the British Royal Airforce and the British Army during WWII with modern updates.

The crown tip is inspired by the nose cone of the Spitfire fighter mixed with a traditional diamond shaped crown. The crown guard is heavily inspired by the elliptical wing shape and structure of the Spitfire.

Turn the watch around and you will be treated to a view of the rotor which has been decorated to bring to mind the Spitfire metal rivet construction. 

Your RJM timepiece comes with a scanable Story Card - which is both NFC and QR compatible - taking you directly to a video documenting the stories, anecdotes and origin of the specific airplane which became part of your watch.

About REC Watches

REC Watches was launched in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark bya team of petrolheads and watch fanatics with the vision of transforming these passions into truly unique timepieces.

Guided by the unique concept to RECover - RECycle - REClaim, the result is that every single REC watch incorporates salvaged, recycled parts of iconic cars.

With a REC watch, expect to find a perfect blend of distinctive designs, subtle references, handmade components and fantastic storytelling!



Technical Specifications

Case size: 41mm

Case material: 316L stainless steel

Case back: Mineral crystal

Movement type: Automatic

Movement no.: Miyota 9015

Power reserve: Approx 42hrs

Dial: Handcrafted and untreated aluminum dial is cut directly from the wings of the PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft; every dial features the original marks and dents of its Spitfire aircraft donor - this also means that every dial is visibly unique

Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Water resistance: 3ATM

Strap type: Leather

Strap material: Calf

Buckle: Stainless steel

Features: 3 hands / date; stainless steel case; stainless steel bezel; black sandwich dial with white lume

Warranty: 2 years

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