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BabyFrog red

Watch out, gentlemen! Here comes the Babyfrog. By this watch, you will from now on know all the ladies you have underestimated much too long. Finest watch technology rather than some cheap fashion watch on the wrist is what makes up style. This woman knows what it is all about. Just like the poison-dart frog is amongst the most dangerous species on our planet and only very few animals underestimate it despite its tiny size, most men will show due respect to our Babyfrog self-winding watch on a lady’s wrist: The aggressive color and the wild spots do not really comply with the image of a delicate species ... With the deadliest poison of all, this hardly noticeable frog copes with the dangers of its daily life; and so does this exquisite watch, which we at Schaumburg Watch, a small German watchmaking factory at Rinteln in Schaumburg Land, have well prepared for everyday use.

You don’t need to be Lara Croft herself in order to enjoy this watch - after all, the majority of ladies’ watches are just fashion accessories unsuitable for daily use. Thanks to Schaumburg Watch, young-at-heart women with a lust for life will kiss their frogs not only in the fairytale anymore: The Babyfrog is undisputedly destined to become a faithful companion of yours in any situation. Our Schaumburg SW20 A caliber is a reliable mechanical self-winding movement and one of the most rugged designs in Swiss watchmaking. It will be just natural to those who know our company that we set this masterpiece in precision mechanics in a robust steel case with a PVD bezel, a scratch-proof sapphire-glass, and an enduring textile strap with an ergonomic butterfly clasp.

The connoisseur will recognize a lady wearing a Schaumburg Watch Babyfrog as what she is: a wild Amazon fond of her mechanical masterpiece. Dear ladies: Enjoy this watch. Now you can be sure of watchmaking connoisseurs’ and other gentlemen’s respect!



  • Case: polish, steel
  • Case diameter: 36mm
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Movement: SW-20A, automatic, black rotor
  • Band: fabric & leather combination, buckle

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