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Witness the colorful collaboration of couture and horology between PAPA DON’T PREACH and SEVENFRIDAY. The collaboration between SEVENFRIDAY and PAPA DON’T PREACH was born out of their similarities as much as their differences!

Firstly, their differences in heritage. Switzerland and India could not be more contrasting in everything from their way of working to style and trends. This, in addition to the differences between the watch and the fashion industry, could have been a hurdle if not for the brands’ shared mission and values. The natural collaboration between the two companies resulted in a product that is equal parts SEVENFRIDAY and PAPA DON’T PREACH.

At the heart of this collaboration, the watches mirror works of art. Architecture and functionalities are very SEVENFRIDAY with a more organic evolution of their signature ‘squircle’ case, the familiar hands and dial construction, and the embedded NFC chip.

The design, however, is all PAPA DON’T PREACH. The all-women team dreamt up an entirely new, unique dial for this collaboration. A fierce panther seamlessly intertwined vibrant patterns and maximalist, mythical flowers even a flora enthusiast wouldn’t recognize. Created by the design team, the flower symbolizes the collaboration and blooms only in the fantasy world of SEVENFRIDAY X PAPA DON’T PREACH. To accentuate the detailed designs, the dial was constructed with raised elements to imparting a 3D effect adding depth and dimension to Shubhika’s creations.

Furthermore, Mumbai-based team also designed a canvas tote and unique display material, as well as giving the SEVENFRIDAY wooden crate a very pink makeover bearing the phrase “like a ribbon around a bomb”. Elegance and sensitivity meet a fiery and unpredictable energy. Once used by Andre Breton to describe Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, what could be more fitting to summarize this contrasting collaboration.

"When I first met Dan, the founder of SEVENFRIDAY, four years ago at a social event; we were excited to discuss our respective brands and found that our ideologies matched. What came next was a collaboration four years in the making; with us taking calls and meetings across time zones and over the course of the pandemic. We knew no matter how long it took, we would be creating works of art and I'm extremely proud of how it turned out. These watches mark an exhilarating new phase in our journey, enabling our customers to embrace a fragment of the Papaverse on their wrists." - Shubhika Sharma, Founder & CEO of Papa Don’t Preach

For both brands, it’s a celebration of firsts. PAPA DON’T PREACH introduces their inaugural watch into its accessories collection, while SEVENFRIDAY embraces a new look that harmoniously blends the worlds of fashion and horology.

The watches are a part of the newly introduced C-series; C1/01 and C2/01. The C-Series are the thinnest and smallest watches SEVENFRIDAY has produced thus far, meaning that, unlike their other models, this one has a quartz movement.

With this series SEVENFRIDAY has also broken tradition by subtly altering the shape of the case to a softer and more rounded ‘squircle.’ The C1/01 and C2/01 have a lacquered crown in the shape of a heart, a PAPA DON’T PREACH design signature, and the collaboration branding on the dial ring as well as around the side of the case. Available in a golden and silver color, both models come with a metal bracelet.


SEVENFRIDAY may be a Swiss lifestyle brand creating watches, but its ethos is anything but traditional. Since 2012, the brand has been making waves in the watch world, so much so that it belongs to another category entirely. SEVENFRIDAY’s designs are unconventional and experimental, each piece making a statement on its own. Wearers can express their personal style with a SEVENFRIDAY watch, bracelet, or a pair from their eyewear collection. At its core, their aesthetic is undeniably inspired by industrial elements: engines, screws and bolts. However, SEVENFRIDAY, with its innovative nature, creates designs in neon color, with architectural art deco elements, or entirely 3D printed, to name a few. From the unusual ‘squircle’ shape of the watches to their unique SPACES concept stores instead of traditional shops, SEVENFRIDAY is used to making a lasting impression!



PAPA DON’T PREACH by Shubhika was born in 2010 in the vibrant and pulsating city of Mumbai. In tune with the message Madonna set out to convey in her song by the same name, the brand embraces unapologetic self-expression and doesn’t shy away from playfully rebelling against societal norms. PAPA DON’T PREACH’s products are the epitome of creative freedom, where traditional Indian fashion is reimagined through the eyes of a dynamic, female-led team. This materialized in an ever-expanding repertoire of luxury, RTW and bridal couture alongside an award-winning line of accessories. Stepping foot into their store in Mumbai, you are transported to a mythical fantasy world. Inspired by Shubhika’s love of fiction literature, the flagship store has elements of a hobbit house, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Aladdin. Equally fantastical are PAPA DON’T PREACH’s fairytale creature mannequins, as anyone can wear their clothing. Their colorful and embellished designs are loved by many, most notably Paris Hilton, Liza Koshy, and Chrissy Teigen. PAPA DON’T PREACH marches to the beat of its own drum, much like SEVENFRIDAY.

Technical Specifications

SIZE: 42x42.5x8.5mm (H x W x T), Bracelet: 23 to 20mm, Crown : 5.5 x 6.8mm
MOVEMENT: Ronda 712 (Swiss Quartz)
BEZEL: Stainless steel, treated in gold PVD, grooved lines refilled with pink berlac lacquer
HANDS: Hour and minute hands in galvanic gold. Hour hand with leaf-shaped pointer, refilled with white luminous painting, same for the minute hand.
CROWN: Stainless steel special heart-shaped crown, recessed area refilled in Pink Berlac lacquer
DIAL: Three layers construction. External dial ring and central dial in multi-layered color printings, displaying an Indian Flower decor, exclusively designed by PDP for SEVENFRIDAY, Applied dial ring in galvanic gold, engraved SEVENFRIDAY X PAPA DONT PREACH highlighting the official collaboration.
GLASS: K1 hardened mineral with anti-reflective treatment
STRAP: 23 to 22mm. Five rows of stainless steel, Links top surfaces of rows 2 and 4 in vertical brushed finishing, all others in polished finishing, double clasp buckle with engraved 7F logo at the center. 
CASE: TV-cushion shape, Stainless steel, treated in gold PVD. Engraved collaboration logo SEVENFRIDAY & PDP on the case side at 9H
CASE BACK: Special collaboration polycarbonate chip cover allowing the connection between the phone and the inlayed NFC Chip.
NFC: The NFC Chip behind the case back allows authenticity verification through the SEVENFRIDAY App for iOS and Android
WARRANTY: 2 years


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