TACS AUTOMATIC AVL2 Bronze X Robotoys with BoxSet (TS1803O)

4,888.00 MYR
TACS Introduces Limited Edition AVL II Bronze in Collaboration with Robotoys

TACS unveils AVL II Bronze, a limited-edition wristwatch and watch stand box set. The watch stand is a collaboration with Korean artistic sensation, Robotoys, to create a fusion of vintage charm and futuristic aesthetic. Inspired by vintage camera design, AVL II is the 2nd generation of Automatic Vintage Lens from TACS’ Lens Series. Its lens-like, fisheye facade, camera marker details, and a bezel that mimics a zoom ring of a camera, all speak volumes about its intricate design.

TACS collaborates with Robotoys to create a branded watch stand for the new AVL II Bronze release. Robotoys is a series of sculptures created by Korean artist Mr Y.N. Choi, whose work has been exhibited in galleries and national museums. Much like TACS philosophy and our dedication to creating unique designs with thoughtful craftsmanship, Choi’s creations are both nostalgic and futuristic, combining traditional craft techniques with modern technology, inspired by his childhood memories of playing with toy robots.

Limited to 500 pieces, each AVL II Bronze comes with a numbered Robotoys’ handcrafted watch stand those doubles as a collectable art piece. Primarily made of wire, copper and acrylic, the watch stand is entirely handmade to look like a miniature humanoid robot, with articulated arms and legs, allowing the robot to be positioned in multiple ways, making it a functional and playful art piece.


AVL II Bronze

The overall look of this watch has to be a feature just on its own. By combining the essentials of a timepiece with recognizable traits of a camera, this timepiece is the perfect balance of both. Taking inspiration from the focus ring on camera lens, AVL2 also has etching its rotating bezel to give off that essential camera vibe. AVL2 has deverly replaced traditional minute indicators with popular camera focal lengths. TACS has opted to use sapphire crystal for the galss of both the front and back of its timepieces. The front fish-eye effect crystal also features anti-reflective coating. AVL2 is a water resistant to 10 ATM for extra durablility and usability. Adnd features a screw-down crown which ensures the best water-resist capability.

Rotating Bezel

Echoing the tactile feel of a focusing zoom lens, the AVL II tooled rotating bezel is a familiar nod to any photographer's favorite camera.

Sapphire Crystal

Featuring a tough sapphire crystal, resistant to damage and wear. With added anti-reflective coating, it’s easy to see the time in any lighting conditions.

Citizen Miyota 82S0

Your watch should be able to follow you anywhere you go, which is why the Golden Hour is powered by a proven Citizen Miyota movement with 42 hours of power reserve.

Horween Leather

HORWEEN leather strap is a comfortable, picture-perfect option for changing the look and feel of the watch. With quick-release pins, it’s simple to switch out the strap—no tools required.

Fish Eye Lens

Highlighting the open heart dial of the movement, the fisheye feature brings extra focus to the inner workings of the AVL II.

Nemoto Luminova

From its founding in 1941 to the present day, Nemoto Tokushu Kagaku Co., Ltd. has been involved in the manufacture of watches. The watch business can be said to be the origin of our founding DNA.

The Aesthetic of Patina

Made of bronze, a metal alloy that is known for its unique patina quality, the new AVL II Bronze is an embodiment of a type of transient, ever-changing beauty (Wabi-sabi*), a philosophy that appreciates the organic and evolving aesthetic of an exquisite object as it grows with time, as well as the contentment of observing it. The experience of discovering the AVL II Bronze (Wabi) and continuing to appreciate its ever-changing patina quality (Sabi) can be understood as Wabi-sabi.

The case and bezel ring of AVL II Bronze are both crafted from bronze, with the passage of time, the surface of each AVL II Bronze develops a layer of patina that adds to its aesthetic that is uniquely personalised to the wearer as air, humidity, temperature, the wearer’s skin chemistry, and other variables play a role in creating the patina on the watch. Its sleek and dashing design combines with the warmth and richness of the bronze material and brown leather straps, exudes a sense of character and nostalgia that adds to the mystical allure that evolves over time.

The Collectable AVL II Bronze Box Set

This exclusive collector's edition box set features a flap top and distinct vertical inserts for both the stunning AVL II Bronze and the humanoid watch stand. Imbued with both TACS’ and Robotoys' signature aesthetic, this box set is not just a functional accessory, but a fusion of art and timekeeping that is a must-have addition for watch enthusiasts and art collectors alike.

  • Size: 47mm case width
  • Thickness: 15.7mm 
  • Case Material: CuSn8 Bronze
  • Bezel: CuSn8 Bronze with aluminium ring
  • Case Back:  CuSn8 Bronze, Sapphire Crystal with metalization coating
  • Glass: Fish-eye sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Dial: See through multilayer lens super lumi dial
  • Movement: 21 jewels Citizen Miyota 82S0
  • Strap: 24mm horween calf leather strap
  • Water Resistance: 10ATM
  • Weight: 167g
  • Wrist circumference: 145mm to 205mm
  • Warranty: 2 years

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