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Bronze, an ancient metal discovered long ago, is an alloy made of copper and tin. However, other metals may be put into the mix to garner different aesthetic results. The material is anti-magnetic and highly resistant to salt corrosion, making it ideal for use in ocean environments. The greatest attraction in the use of bronze in a watch case is that the metal oxidises beautifully into a patina when exposed over long periods to air. The resulting patina makes every watch automatically unique as each case would oxidize differently depending on the owner and often times, the ageing patterns are attractive and desirable as it brings much character to the watch.
When looking at bronze watches, let us discover some timepieces that are extremely popular and sought after. These timepieces offer more than just first impressions as they slowly but surely become one with the owner as time goes by.
 Laco, the German brand famous for its Flieger-styled pilot watches, make excellent watches with which to employ the bronze case. The vintage appeal of these practical and highly legible timepieces are enhanced with a bronze case that automatically make them look as though they came straight out of the 1940s. Among Laco’s bronze timepieces of note include the Saarbrücken Bronze and Friedrichshafen Bronze.
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Boldr’s Odyssey dive watches are timepieces that take full advantage of bronze’s anti-rust capabilities in sea water. These bold timepieces that shine on land as well as in the saline are famed for their rugged aura and the models that are encased in bronze take on a warm golden hue that’s bound to draw attention as time goes by and the patina on these cases start to develop a life of their own.
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The Azimuth Mr Roboto Bronzo, is easily the most whimsical and creative bronze watch you will come across. With a fun backstory involving aliens to tell, this Azimuth watch is a definite conversation starter. The watch itself provides much details for horological hobbyists to latch onto including GMT functionality and featuring a retrograde minute to complement the googly eyed displays on the dial. The Azimuth Mr Roboto Bronzo may be from the Sci-Fi collection but, rest assured, this is a no-nonsense timepiece slowly develops a fond relationship with its owner thanks to that gorgeous smiling golden face it presents every time one looks at it to read the time! 

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