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SEVENFRIDAY GMS2/02 Big Crash Off-Series Bracelet

SEVENFRIDAY GMS2/02 Big Crash Off-Series Bracelet

The GMS2/02 bracelet brings some of those SEVENFRIDAY Games vibes to the wrists of those who sadly couldn’t be there in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Just in time for gifting season you can get your discerning hands on this blend of organic and manmade materials statement piece.

A lot of what they do at SEVENFRIDAY revels in an industrial chic, and this piece does too, just with a difference.

We all live in a world of stunning beauty, whether it is unseen or visible, small or big. You need to look around and take joy in the design and style of everything that surrounds you, even the most everyday items, because that is what happiness is about. Because that is living SEVENFRIDAY.

Its polished ebony wood elements side by side with the more familiar bronze orbs hark back to an early age of industry. The cusp of the industrial revolution, when more traditional, organic, artisanally produced aspects were evolving into the metallic, mechanized age that was to come.

The initial limited edition release of this damned stylish accessory raised $20,000 for Chiang Mai based charity Child’s Dream. Looking great and making the world a better place, one bracelet at a time! That’s living SEVENFRIDAY!

Check out SEVENFRIDAY GMS2/02 Big Crash Off-Series Bracelet .

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