YFPF Your Favourite Pyjama Festival


Your favorite pyjama festival! In a time of uncertainty and lack of social contact, a worldwide festival seems impossible. But not for SEVENFRIDAY, they have put together the first international virtual music festival with the help of Shawn Stockman from BoyzIImen!
The festival closely imitates a real-life experience with three different stages featuring different artists and genres, a bouncer who is just as scary and intimidating as the one at your favorite club, a bar where virtual snacks and drinks can be purchased to support the artists, and so much more.
YFPF is a place to celebrate life, unite with a global community, and live every day like it’s a Friday! Buy a ticket on the SEVENFRIDAY website ( you can purchase through us ) and join us on a journey starting in LA with a live performance by Shawn Stockman to Mumbai with DJ Madoc and Berlin for a taste of their famous techno scene!
Forget social distancing, at the YFPF you can party from the comfort of your home! Be prepared to meet new people, have intimate talks with the artists, and most importantly get dancing, so we recommend you push some of your living room furniture to the side because the performance you’re in for is sure to make you want to move!
By buying a ticket you will have access to 3 stages with more than 7 Djs and bands. You can redeem the same amount on your next purchase of 7F watches and Eyewear!
See you on the dance floor!

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